Tips For Eating Out As A Vegan

Here are some helpful tips for how to eat out as a vegan! 

1. Look for items that are identified as “vegan,” or have symbols such as a “v,” or a plant image.

2. Check for a separate vegan/vegetarian menu. See if the vegetarian items can be modified if you can't find anything that’s vegan.

3. Check for nutritional information for their food items. It’s a reliable source for potential dairy or egg ingredients in otherwise naturally assuming vegan items.

4. Call to verify that the dishes you’ve already identified are indeed vegan. Or, you might ask them what they suggest for you.

5. Do an online search for vegan options at the restaurant for some ideas to plan for.

6. Combine a few side dishes to form a balanced meal. For example, you can combine rice, beans, and vegetables. 

Click the link below for more information and helpful ideas for eating out as a vegan!

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