Tofu And Quinoa Bowl

Easily roast fresh veggies and bake crispy tofu all on one sheet pan while cooking a healthy pot of quinoa. Such a healthy dinner for the family!


Add olive oil and low-sodium soy sauce to tofu cubes. Close the bowl and gently shake it to coat the tofu.

Sprinkle the cornstarch over the tofu. Close the bowl back up and gently shake it around.

Add the sweet potatoes, red onions, kale, and tofu to the sheet pan.

Roast the tofu and vegetables for 30 minutes. Flip everything halfway through. 

Meanwhile, cook the quinoa in a medium pot. 

Arrange the grain bowls with the quinoa as the base. Top them with avocado slices, chia seeds, and sauce. 

Enjoy your healthy meal now or save them for meal prep!

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