Vegan Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

So crispy on the outside yet tender and juicy on the inside! Double battered tofu slabs are air-fried and then slathered with savory buffalo sauce.


Slice the tofu into 4 slabs and place them in a single layer in a large shallow dish. Mix the marinade ingredients together and pour it over the tofu.

Stir the breading ingredients together in a wide, shallow bowl. Shake off the excess marinade from the tofu, and place it in the dry breading. 

Cook them in the air fryer or pan fry them. I prefer the air fryer because I find it to be easier, less messy, and the batter stays on better.

Heat the buffalo sauce in a pan over medium low until it’s warmed. Gently dip the buffalo “chicken” into the sauce on both sides.

Assemble the sandwiches and enjoy!

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