Vegan Halloween Candy

Have you thought about what you’re going to hand out to those adorable little visitors on Halloween? 

Here’s your go-to list of vegan candy for Halloween that can easily be found at most of your favorite stores!


This list is primarily focused on common candies that are easily accessible.

Please make sure to always check the ingredients list in case a company has made a change to the recipe.

Airheads  Charms Blow Pops  Dots  Dum Dums  Fun Dip  Gobstoppers  Jolly Ranchers Laffy Taffy  Now and Laters  Ring Pops 


Skittles Smarties Sour Patch Kids Super Bubble Swedish Fish Twizzlers

Click the link below to read more about these candies and other cruelty-free, eco-friendly Halloween ideas!