Vegan Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

This delicious vegan skillet cookie has crisp edges and a chewy-gooey center! Easily whip it up in the same pan that you bake it in for all to love!


Preheat the oven and place a cast-iron skillet over low heat on the stove.

Melt the vegan butter in the pan. Promptly remove the skillet from the heat.

Mix in the brown sugar and cane sugar.

Stir in the plant milk and vanilla when the sugar has melted.

Sift in the flour, cornstarch, baking soda, and salt.

Mix everything together into a thick cookie dough.

Stir in the vegan chocolate chips and nuts.

Spread the dough out and press it down into the pan with a metal spoon. 

Press chocolate chunks and more nuts on top of the cookie.

Bake the cookie until the edges start to turn a light golden brown.

Let it cool down for 5 minutes. Add vegan ice cream and enjoy! 

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